Yep- that happened!


Yeah…that happened! I have interviewed a lot of folks, and I have to say that Bill is a pure treat! We had a few conversations before at a couple shows and prior to this interview- he’s a really solid guy so if he is anywhere at a show near you, drop by and say Hi… (and buy a kick ass TCM:2 Pic of course!) you won’t regret it!

All about that base… no rebels.

Stuck in your head for days… you’re welcome!


OK, this is easily the coolest damn promotion for this Halloween- on October the 30th, the Ottawa Senators will be taking on the Chicago Blackhawks. But get this, they are having a ZOMBIE NIGHT (in Canada) (Sorry, couldn’t resist) So dress up in your best Undead finery and go to the game!
As if that isn’t cool enough… they are also OFFERING A DISCOUNT.


Ok so still not cool enough? How about every time this promotion is used they will DONATE TO THE OTTAWA FOOD BANK!!!

Yeah, we thought so, I say get yer shambling ass down to the arena and yell out ‘BRAINS’ when we score! You are probably going to get on TV too… just sayin’.

We want to thank the Ottawa Senators for their commitment to our community… good on ya boys, but don’t think we won’t eat you.


New Opinionated Monsters is up!

Enjoy… oh, and FUCK CLOWNS.